Mar 18

Mar 18

Show at Stazione di Posta

Here’s some photos of the installation and the inauguration of the show.  

Mar 17

A dog

A dog with a cape. First draft of a study for a logo for ARGO Films production company.

Mar 05

First Show in Rome

The Show will be held in Stazione di Posta, a wonderful restaurant situated in the old slaughterhouse of the Testaccio neighborhood.

Feb 17

The Old Testaccio Market

Today, I started a new serie of illustrations based on photographs of the old market. Here’s the first one:

Jan 14

Digital Painting 02

Experimenting with digital painting – episode 02

Dec 10

Digital Painting 01

Experimenting with digital Painting:

May 29

Jan 03

1993 Drawing unearthed !

Some friends just sent me a photo of a drawing I made in 1993. It does NOT feels like twenty years ago…

Dec 21

Dec 21

Nov 21

Cover of the upcoming Godzilla book !

It’s coming! The more or less exhaustive compilation of the first season of Godzilla Vince Sempre! ETA: Early 2014!

Oct 07

Rejected Illustration

This one was meant to be part of three illustrations for a financial conference. The scope was to illustrate, the past, the present and the future. Only made it to the first one, and the project was abandoned. Anyway, I …

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Sep 20


Here’s some photos of the Fircosoft stand at SIBOS 2013.

Jun 04

Rejected drawings

Here’s some rejected drawings I’ve made for a new dubbing company in Rome. D-HUB Studios, If you’re interested, their website is here

May 16

(Fame) I’m gonna live forever (Irene Cara)

Marcello Durante from Comicsblog, has interviewed me by email about the book “Una città a misura di bambino” You can read the article here.

Apr 16

Mar 25

Mar 24

Botticelli’s venus with a moustache

Here’s the wallpaper of the month : Botticelli’s venus with a moustache. Download it now in 1600×900 resolution.

Mar 14

Mar 14

Mar 02

Feb 14

Jan 07

Godzilla Posters !

To celebrate one hundred days of Godzilla I have decided to print a poster. Then I changed my mind and printed two. The little one has a 50 cm width and is priced 22 euros. And the big one, which …

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Dec 21

Buone Feste everyone !

So, here is the 2013 Greeting card. I can assure you, googling “millimeter paper” will get you very strange results!

Dec 14

Drawing-O-Matic, One Hundred

This is the last Godzilla here. But it’s not the end, merely the beginning, he is moving to his very own Facebook page, here.

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Nov 25

Il Ruvido is back!

The first issue of the second serie of “IL RUVIDO” is out! If I understood correctly, you may find it in every edicola, in every town and in every corners of italy. Here is the cover so that you don’t …

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Oct 31

Oct 30

Oct 29

Oct 29

Poster for the Istituto Freudiano

Illustration for the Freudian Institute of Rome. The main idea is to announce a Cineforum about “Cinema and Psychoanalysis”. And here’s the final poster :

Oct 28

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Oct 12

Chicken Wallpaper !

I am sure what you really need right now is a new minimalistic wallpaper featuring some chicken. Here we go  : (click to get the full-size version)

Oct 12

Oct 11

Oct 10

Magazine Cover : Cosmopolitan

A Cosmo Cover I’d like to see.

Oct 10

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Sep 28

Magazine Cover : Ma Maison, Mon Jardin

A new initiative : “Magazines I Would Like To Read”

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Aug 29

Aug 02

Download the Maurice Wallpaper

This month, as an example of my summery laziness, the wallpaper is a mere modification from the last month’s post. Download the Maurice Wallpaper: 1600×900 resolution

Jul 07

maurice !

Feeling absolutely lazy. So here’s Maurice…e basta !

Jun 12

Ruvido science

I have finally translated my zine “Bonjour la science” in italian and added some colours. Sending this now at “Il Ruvido”, let’s see if this get published. Well, if not there is always some room in the “Rejected Drawings” category …

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May 25

This is my entry for the Potato Chips contest 2012

The fine people of the YouArt Gallery are crazy enough to organize an art contest about potato chips. No. Not only potato chips. I think it’s about any kind of chips. But mainly potato ones. So if you have nothing …

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May 01

Voodoo Rythm Records exhibition.

Friday the 4th of June 2012 at “La Zone” in Liège.

Apr 18

Apr 02

Mar 14

Italian Spiderman

For once I am speechless, go visit the wiki here to know all about this fantastic serie, then go see all webisodes on youtube then go visit Danger 5 website…then…then…  

Mar 13

A bit of photoshop for my friend

My friend and neighbour, the great Carlo Benso is making a movie and he needed some photoshopping for some framed photos in the house of the main characters. So actors + google + photoshop = instant false holiday photos.      …

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Feb 21

Les amis du commandant “Jean-Jacques” Wallpaper

Here’s a preview of a new stickers collection I have been drawing. Introducing for the first time on the little screen “Jean-Jacques”. I just realised this is the second post this month about octopuses…how strange is it? Download the wallpaper …

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Feb 07

Party goes out of (genetic) bounds

Who has never dreamt of being an octopus? I really hope this is the last time I ask myself this question. Anyway I’ve just done this drawing where I transformed some friends of mine in octopuses. It is obviously for …

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Jan 28

Download the Monsieur Fâché wallpaper

Continuing the now very long tradition of giving away fantastic wallpapers to appease your wallpaper needs, I present to you the official Monsieur Fâché wallpaper. Download the Monsieur Fâché Wallpaper : 1600×900 resolution

Jan 28

Wine labels : “Château Fâché”

I have decided to make some wine labels, so here’s the first one :

Jan 28

Pollo di natale

Here’s a little greetings card I’ve done for 2012. The colors are made with Adobe Ideas for Android which is a pretty neat piece of software as it turns your Android tablet into an actually usefull device.

Jan 27

Download the Alien Wallpaper

You may download this fantastic wallpaper with tiny green aliens by clicking on the link below, with this wallpaper you will be happy forever and absolutely immune to moral pain of any kind. HURRAY for the Aliens Wallpaper. Download the …

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Jan 26

The new site is here !

Ok, folks here we go ! The new site is here in his all brand new HTML5/CSS3 shinyness. If you feel like bug reporting please do so at this adress